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Hemma Business Incubator is an incubator for business companies aims to guide young people towards high value entrepreneurship in different fields in business such as agriculture, engineering, medical fields, etc..

Hemma Business incubator is the first business incubator in an Egyptian state university at Integrated Technology Transfer Unit (ITTU), Assiut University. It's considered the first incubator in state university which attracts entrepreneurs who have innovative projects with added technological value in different fields like (health – food – water –manufacturing – others).

Project Idea

The stage in which the applicant works on and develops his idea to turn his idea from only an idea to a workable project and what he should do in the future to help him turning the idea.


The stage in which the project turns from an idea into a plan that outlines project's objectives, vision, mission, services, cost, profits and target audience.

project management

The stage of implementing the strategic and action plan, the stage of preparing human resources who will start work on the project in addition to providing the necessary equipment and financial resources.

What does “incubator” mean?

Incubator means an institution that incubates the youth’s ideas and provides all supplies that help entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into real projects that fit the market. It provides them with accounting, technical and legal services to transform these ideas into projects contribute in solving social problems, creating job opportunities, raise Egyptian economy and producing innovative firms in different fields such as (health – energy – manufacture – agriculture- etc).

What is Hemma role?

The Business Incubator plays an active role for the entrepreneurial projects and can be summarized as following:

-Help them to develop their prototypes that turn their ideas from a primary model stage to a marketable product in its final form.

-Help in providing entrepreneurs or innovators in the incubator with all facilities they need in addition to funding them with a suitable fund to develop their projects so they can start their own small businesses.


Hemma provides all the incubated projects with various services such as providing an office for a startup, a lawyer, accountant and technical support. It also provides trainers, experts in all fields and conducts workshops to help them manage their startups, in addition to helping them funding their project by networking them with investors and accelerators.

Incubation contract

Incubation contract for four years and providing all the university services for startup's owners.

Services provided

Providing secretarial support, internet, fax, printing, computers and projector.


Availability to use lab-makers to carry out, test, and evaluate prototypes and making exhibitions to help startups market their products.

Provide Consulting

Providing marketing consultation and technical support for all startups.

Legal support

Providing legal support, tax identification, and legal registration for all the incubated startups in all fields.

Accounting support

Providing the accounting support and helping startups to build an integrated accounting system.

Training programs

Providing entrepreneurial trainings for entrepreneurs.

Funding opportunities

Guiding the incubated startups to get funds and help them to get patent and license.

Why choose us?

HBI is ready to develop entrepreneur's ideas and turning it into profit business for its owners through providing all the support they need.


To Be Upper Egypt Leaders in Improving youth Economy


- Capacity building skills
- Decrease unemployment
- Enhance youth economy

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Provide a suitable and real environment for entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and turn them into sustainable projects in the market

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